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Reggie’s 3rd Birthday

21 Mar

I have a number of posts on the docket for you.

We’re thisclose to having our chalkboard wall done and you will get some after photos of that project soon.  The last step is taking longer than expected (as expected) so you’ll just have to come back for that post.  I also owe you an update on that hole Stevareno cut into our ceiling and have two posts about smaller projects that we’ve been working on.

But in the mean time, I have a video for you.  It was Reggie’s third (#canyoubelieveit #theygrowupsofast) birthday on March 13th so we treated him to a special day.  All the footage in this video is from his birthday and included some extended playtime outside (since it was nice out), a walk around the neighborhood, and some present opening.  Since you can’t see it in the video, Reggie got a Kong brand squeaky stick and a marrow filled chew bone.  He loved both gifts.

I love my dog.



23 Feb

**Please excuse this post as it’s a little bit all over the place today.  I think it’s hunger.

The original intention of this post was to update you on the progress of our kitchen walls.  This past weekend we put the first coat of Gardz up (Gardz is a paint that acts like new dry wall facing) and the walls looked like this:

We actually did that Saturday morning.  Then on Sunday while I did the taxes, Stevie Gonzalez spackled a bunch of the holes and re-mudded one side of each corner.  So we’re further along than this picture demonstrates but not finished yet.

People have been asking me what color we’re going to paint the kitchen.  It used to be yellow which always made me think of this:

I don’t like yellow for the kitchen anyway because I desperately want a chalkboard wall in our home and the best color to go with black is white.  I know chalkboard walls are kind of old hash in the decorating world but I don’t care.  I am definitely doing it and am definitely going to play school on that wall.  Reggie can be my pupil.  Here are a couple of pictures to give you the idea:

Today I saw my first “Whiskey Plate”.  Here in Minnesota, if you get a DUI you have a special license plate put on your car called a “Whiskey Plate”.  Basically, it’s any plate that starts with the letter W.  It alerts other drivers, but it also gives the fuzz the right to pull you over at any time, for no reason.  You know, to make sure you’re sober.  They look like this:

It was interesting.  Mostly because the guy was driving like 75 MPH in the right hand lane and his car had very stinky and very visible exhaust.  Steve and I wanted to report him to the EPA.

Lent started today.  Normally I give up some type of food thing because I love food and it’s always a challenge passing on the Oreos in the grocery store but this year the mister and I are doing something different.  In an effort to get more done, we’re giving up TV.  I think it’s a good fast because I love TV and am going to miss zoning out in front of the boob tube (full disclosure: we are allowing one half hour of the news each morning as we like to hear the weather and traffic before we leave for work).  I am hoping to add into my routine an hour a week at the perpetual adoration chapel at a nearby parish.  And, in the interest of not taking things too far, I’m going to feast on Oreos, Cheetos, salsa, Dove Chocolates, M&Ms, donuts, homemade chocolate chip cookies (because, you know, I’ll have time to bake them and everything),  pulled pork sandwiches, and ice cream.

I had an amazing pulled pork sandwich one time at a restaurant in Duluth.  The restaurant was Sir Benedict’s and the sandwich was called the Cubano, in case you’re ever in the area.  Since then, I’ve been trying to recreate that sandwich after an email begging them for the recipe and promising I would not use it or sell it for financial gain or to put them out of business was denied.  I still have not gotten the recipe right but now, once I do, I will post it for the world to see and use.  Because everyone deserves a good pulled pork sandwich recipe.

Don’t stop bein’ Steven doesn’t like mustard.  I don’t like that he doesn’t like mustard.  It puts a damper on some of the things I want to cook.  He also doesn’t like sour cream.  Or ketchup.  Really, most condiments.  Which I find weird because if you ask me, the meal is just an avenue for the condiments.  For example, hot fudge on ice cream, gravy on mashed potatoes, whipped cream on pie, peanut butter on jelly.  I think I’ve made my point.


(Isn’t that the most beautiful picture of a mushroom you’ve ever seen?)

We had a couple morel mushrooms in our backyard last year.  Steve McQueen didn’t know what they were and pulled them out of the ground and threw them away so Reggie wouldn’t eat them before I could enlighten him.  I am hoping they come back so that I can eat them.  Mushrooms aren’t really something you grow in your garden.  And morels are outrageously expensive.  I bought them at the farmer’s market once because some guy talked me into it telling me that people loved morel mushrooms and there is even a festival devoted to them because they are so phenomenal.  But they were just okay.  Good enough to eat and good enough that I’d pull a free one out of the ground and make a dish around it but not good enough to pay $2.50 a mushroom.  Please.

One of our cars needs a major repair.  We are declining the service in favor of saving $1000.  However, because we know the car is on the fritz, Stevie Wonder and I have been discussing the possibility of a new vehicle…down the road when his car is completely useless, however.  Either way, we went back and forth about cars vs. SUVs for a while.  Neither of us really wanted an SUV but it’s hard to ignore the space.  We always have tight quarters when we need to travel home since we have to put Reggie’s crate in our car.  But that just didn’t seem like a good enough reason to get that kind of vehicle.  After all, the vast majority of our driving is city driving with just the two of us in the car. To and from work.  Then, a few days ago, we realized that all SUVs have started to look like minivans.  It’s as if the car companies decided to hide a minivan under the name and guise of an SUV.  See evidence below:

Can you even tell which one is the SUV?

I know they haven’t always looked like minivans.  I’ve definitely seen some cute SUVs but not the newer ones.

We finally got snow around here.  I think our total snowfall is up to 16 inches now for the winter.  I believe the average snowfall is in the high 50s of inches.  It’s been unusually warm and dry this year.  As it has been everywhere, I am sure.  We’re hoping for a wet spring.

Here’s a video of Reggie being a goofball in the snow.  Sorry there’s no sound.  I was going to set it to music but my song wouldn’t download.  Bummer.

Enjoy anways.

Sale, sale, sale!

26 Oct

(Image from

Mr. Steve and I are not opposed to buying things at a scratch and dent sale. On the contrary, I’d buy anything scratched or dented, if the price was right, provided the function remained.  But, what I don’t like is when somebody sells you something that is meant for a scratch and dent sale but makes you pay full price.

Such is the case with this purchase:

It’s pretty cute, isn’t it?  But alas, we paid full price for only part of a dog. What part is missing?  Good question.  It’s the top third of Reggie’s bottom right canine tooth.  The big pointy one.  It’s more nubbin shaped now.  And jagged.  And the vet said that there is nothing we can do about it.  Or that they can do about it.  Apparently you can’t cap a dogs tooth. They could pull it, but they opt not to if the tooth isn’t causing any pain. Which it’s not, at least not any visible pain.  But you know what they say about dogs hiding pain so I am not convinced.  Thus, Mr. Steve and I are currently giving Reggie every comfort we can.  Blankets, treats, letting him sleep in bed…  He’s very spoiled right now.

Oh, and I tried and tried and tried to take a picture of his tooth to show you but to take a picture of a dogs teeth you need:

2 hands to hold down the dog
1 hand to  pull open the mouth
1 hand to pull back the saggy jowls
and 1 hand to snap the picture

Needless to say, only four hands live in this house.  And only four paws. But they are less than helpful for such endeavors.