Maptly Put

17 Apr

Stevareno and my one year anniversary with our house is coming up.  We moved in last year at the end of May.  To be exact, May 20 was the day we closed on our house and the first night we slept here.  My parents were coming the next day and we wanted to spend our first night in our house just the two of us (and Reggie).

I was happy we were able to move in during the nicest weather of the year.  There really isn’t a better time to move since it’s still cool but there’s no snow on the ground.  But, one of the sad parts of moving in at that point is that we had a TON of yard work to catch up on.  Plus, we missed some of the early blooming plants in our yard.

So imagine my surprise when this April, the tree that was planted way to close to our garage, flowered!

That hottie with a body in the flannel is my hubby. What a fox.

I think it’s so pretty

But the tree is not really what this post is about.  I wanted to show you guys what I bought for myself for my birthday/built this weekend.  What I bought is: a gigantic map!  What I built is: a frame for a gigantic map!  Actually, Stevie Wonder built the frame (mostly) but we are both going to reap the rewards.

When we bought a new mattress in January, we decided to pull the box spring from our old queen bed apart and use the wood for other projects.  We ended up building a bed for the mattress that didn’t need a box spring so it was no loss.  And we used part of that wood for this framing project.

First we measured the map and then Steve McQueen cut the wood at 45 degree angles so that they would fit together well.  We laid them out and squared them up.

Then, we glued the corners together and put them in our corner clamp while we screwed into one side.

We also added a center support for extra support of the frame.

After building the frame, we laid the map face down and centered the frame on top of it.  We wrapped the map around the frame and stapled it to the wood.  After that, we had this:

Here’s a close up shot:

We are going to hang it in the hallway by our front door so that we can use it to give directions if we need to but that project is on hold because we’re waiting for a Dremmel bit to make a T-slot that we ordered online to come in the mail.  Long sentence.  Sorry.  I’ll post some final “after” pictures once we hang up the map.  Incidentally, that map will be the FIRST thing we put on our walls in this house.

I’ve heard hanging things on your walls makes your house your home but I think our house became a home when we put in 100+ hours to take down wallpaper.  We know this house intimately.

On a side note, we had to lock Reggie out of the living room while we were working on this for fear that he’d come in and step all over the map and put his toe nails through it.  So we blocked him off with some chairs.  He was in the dining room which is right attached to the living room and could see us the whole time but he still whimpered and whined like we’d left him forever.  Then, he tried sneaking under the chairs and through the chairs.  Then he did this:

What a boy!


4 Responses to “Maptly Put”

  1. Tom & Vicki April 17, 2012 at 9:09 PM #

    Projects galore when you own a home. The map will look great once hung. Poor Reggie.

  2. liz April 17, 2012 at 9:17 PM #

    Reginald is such a little ham! Love the map 🙂 And the tree is adorable ❤

  3. Jane April 18, 2012 at 6:55 AM #

    Aww, poor Reggie. Flowering trees make me so happy too. I love the map, AND I LOVE that chair with the red and yellow flowers!

  4. Peggy hayman April 18, 2012 at 3:19 PM #

    Poor Reggie! I think he was trying the “I’m so cute how can you resist me” approach to getthing his way.
    I love the map idea-how original.
    Before you think that tree is too close to your garage, you may want to think again. That might be a flowering cherry tree (ornamental not edible) and that is about as big as they get.
    Enjoy your yard.
    We sure enjoyed your visit in March.

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