At least your mother didn’t name you Lenora Nell

28 Jan

We have a large, on-going house project again.  Walls.  Walls always take a long time.  So, while you wait, here’s a peek into my family life.  I noticed on this blog that there are a number of posts about Steve McQueen’s family but many fewer of mine.  That’s because Stevie’s family visits more because his uncles are also here.  So we see his grandma and his aunts a lot more than I see mine.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t see my spectacular family at all!  In fact, we’re looking at an Enderiffic spring coming up this year.  I am eagerly anticipating the Spring Garage Sale extravaganza.  Pining even.

I digress.  Here’s the scoop.  WAY back in September, for labor day, my family got together in little old Cataract WI for my Aunt Lori’s 50th birthday.  Lori is my mom’s little sister and what you need to know about her is that she loves the Packers (who doesn’t?) and is hysterical.

Steve and I drove down to Cataract for the day.  The party was actually on a side road that was conveniently unnamed so we drove back and forth through the city of Cataract five times before we finally found the place we needed to turn.  And each time we drove through the city, we passed Lori’s house.  And each time we passed I was convinced she’d see our MN license plate and figure out something was up.  But she didn’t and when we finally got to the house where the party was, Steve and I awkwardly stood around chatting with a bunch of Lori’s friends whom we had met the first time that day.

After a while, the family got there and we started goofing around.

That’s my cousin, Adam, above there.  He’s such a nice guy and a good sport when I say, “Adam, stand there like those are your horns.”  He didn’t even correct the horns part.  And notice that Packers t-shirt.  Like mother, like son.

At some point after the guests had arrived, it started to poor rain which was unfortunate as the chicken and fish was being fried out in the yard.

They ended up setting up a tarp over the deep fryers.  Looking back, probably not the best idea we’ve ever had but the food was good.

Finally, after about an hour of raining and waiting, Lori came through the door.

Surprised?  Yes.  Totally and utterly happy and excited about her party? Um…  A good sport?  Always.  (And notice that shirt.  It was even a Saturday so not even a game day.)

The rest of the night was spent eating and chatting and playing with a tiny dog that looked like a pint sized German Shepherd and was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

I love that picture of my dad.  I have a similar one of Steve’s dad that I like a lot.  They’re both looking off the the right.  Their right, my left.  Only in the picture of Steve’s dad, he looks like the captain of a ship.  Both our dads are named Tom, by the way.  Isn’t that crazy?

I love the picture of my grandma talking to my little cousin Brian.  I like when older people and kids interact.

I also love my mom’s haircut.

At some point, Lori opened her presents.  She had a wide variety of things, including these “saggy boobs” from a friend of hers:

I hope you wanted this picture all over the internet Aunt Lori.  Now a Google search for “saggy boobs” will return a picture of you.

But the piece de resistance was the gift from my mom, sisters and I.  At least I think so.  You see, Aunt Lori’s given name is Lenora Nell, after her grandmothers Eleanora and Anelia.  Aunt Lori always complains about this name while my mom and her sisters reminisce about their childhood woes, saying, “At least your mother didn’t name you Lenora Nell.  Try growing up with a name like Le-Noooooooor-Ah.”  And we all laugh, because she’s funny and has great voices when she wants to be dramatic about something.

But that is what inspired our gift:

I love her face in the first picture.  A genuine laugh.

So that was how we enjoyed our day before labor day…celebrating a woman who has labored away for 50 years with a name like Lenora Nell.


2 Responses to “At least your mother didn’t name you Lenora Nell”

  1. Candi (Mom) February 1, 2012 at 8:16 AM #

    Best blog ever and great pictures. Can’t wait to print it out for the G-ma’s.

  2. julie February 5, 2012 at 9:34 PM #

    Amanda, I love the blogs. Keep them going. I feel for you and the wall paper. I painted my walls three times in 10 years. Get a new piece of furniture, paint the walls, get a new comforter, paint the walls. I miss you guys and hope to visit some time in the next couple of months. Hope work is going well. Julie

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