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Greggy Cat in the Hat

20 Sep

I’m very behind on posts.  Naturally.   I procrastiblog.  I don’t know what is wrong with me.  It’s partially because we only have one computer and Steve Harvey likes to work on it sometimes so I don’t always get to use it.  I also am super committed to the reading 31 books in 2011 New Year’s resolution I made and get distracted by books a lot.  Incidentally, I’m like 4 books short of on target so still doing pretty good.  But, I digress…

Since I have like 13 posts on the to do list I’ve decided that I’ll start at the most recent and work backwards until I get them all done.

So, here we go:

Last weekend Steve Harvey’s mom and dad decided to come up for a visit.  Since his mom’s birthday was coming up soon, they decided they would also fly Steve’s brother Greg Jennings in for the weekend.  And, since Greg was coming in to town, Steve’s grandma Ann Frank decided to visit with her boyfriend Joe Namath and Steve’s cousin Kellie Ripa (Rippa?) decided to visit for a dinner.

Friday, Tom Hanks and Vicki Valencourt (Valentine?) got into town.  Side note: there are not a lot of famous Vicki’s and the only one I could think of was the chick from The Water Boy.

(Image from

Anyway, Saturday I got up early and made black bean and rice salad (my favorite summer meal – thanks Aunt Ellie), homemade brownies (for a party Steve and I were going to later) and cut up cantaloupe and watermelon for lunch.  Then, Tom and Steve installed heat tape and Vicki and I washed the front siding.  Then a lost dog wandered into our yard.  Then we picked Greg up from the airport.  Then we ate lunch (sandwiches).  Then we found the dog’s owner.  Then we shot the shhh.  Then Grandma and Joe and James came over to chat while Steve and I headed to a block party.  We enjoyed meeting some of our neighbors and got to try some home brewed beer and met some other Wisconsinites.  (Interestingly, Stevie Wonder and I BOTH forgot how to spell Wisconsin..we tried Wisconson and Wisconsen before we settled on the right way.)  After the party, we all went out for Vicki’s birthday at Ruby Tuesday, then went home for pie and cards.  Grandma made the pie.  I can’t wait until I’m the grandma and I can make all the delicious desserts and everyone will love when I come to visit.

Sunday we did some house work and then had lunch and played some cards.  Steve and Tom and Greg did some tree trimming.

Reggie watched, of course.

We got a lovely family picture before Tom and Vicki left.

After Tom and Vicki headed home, Steve and Greg and I went to the Galaxy Drive In with James, Al, Grandma, Joe and Kellie.  It was delicious.

Monday, Steve and I had to work (don’t worry, he got to spend Tuesday with his brother golfing) but after work we ate dinner quickly…on Tupperware lids and cutting boards because SOMEONE used all my plates the day before…not mentioning any names…cough, Vicki, cough…but she knows who she is…and I had no intention of washing them. 😉  Greg thought this was hilarious and we took a picture of it.  Greg has a large Tupperware lid and Steve had a glass cutting board.

Then we went to the Mall of America…Greg wanted to do something touristy and I wanted to hit the roller coasters again.

Steve and I each got to go on one roller coaster with Greg.  I chose SpongeBob:

And Steve chose the Avatar Airbender:

The only place we shopped was the Dollar Tree.  Greg bought a Powerade and some vitamins.  Steve bought a Powerade and I bought some Smarties.

But it was still a fun trip!

We loved having Greggy Cat visit and can’t wait to see him again in January!

On a side note, we were watching The Biggest Loser as I wrote this and every time the new trainer, Anna Kournikova, spoke, Reggie would low, rumbly growl.  He does not like Anna’s voice.  And by Anna Kournikova, I do mean Anna Kournikova.

Is she still dating Enrique Iglesias?  I wonder what he’s doing all this time while she’s away.