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House Tour

31 May

It’s finally time!  After spending the past week in almost constant motion getting things done around the house, we are today experiencing some heavy rain and cannot do many of the projects we had on our list.  And since I know you’ve all been eagerly awaiting pictures of the house, let us not wait another minute.

Okay, well, let us wait one more minute so I can share Stevie Wonder and my first pictures as homeowners:

Can’t you see Steve’s enthusiasm?

Moving on.

First we have a view you’ve seen before…from across the street, the front of la casa:

Please note the lovely porch, one of my favorite parts of la casa.  Please disregard all the dandelions.

Here’s another view of the porch:

And moving into la casa, the front door:

Yes, that is the world’s cutest dog.  Came with the house.

Once inside the front door, you turn right and walk into the living room:

View from the other side:

And around to the left in the living room is the entrance to the dining room:

And the view from the other side:

Through the dining room is the kitchen:

The above picture is actually from the other side of the kitchen.  The door you see is the door to the dining room.  On the left of where I am standing with the camera is the breakfast nook:

From where I’m standing, if you do a 180 degree turn you will see the family room:

As you can see, Reggie decided he wanted to make an appearance.  And for those of you who read the blog while we were in Virginia (way to stick with it), there is another family member on the right side of this picture who is very important to me.

When you look to the right in the family room you see the sliding doors to the backyard and the fireplace:

An outdoor tour will follow once my garden is in bloom and my flowers are in bloom.  They’re mine now, ’cause I bought the property, see.

On the other side of the family room is the built-in bookshelves pictured below and a doorway to the front hall:

What’s that, you ask.  What’s that, there, beyond the doorway? Why, it’s our wet bar.  As you can see it’s rather messy so I’ll give you a close up at a later date.

On the other side of the hallway is a half bath:

Right now, I kid you not, that bathroom is pink, brown, and purple.  It’s the most beautiful room in the house.  This little bathroom nook is also where the doors to the garage and the basement reside, but I won’t bore you with those gory details.

Here’s a look at the front hallway from the opposite end of the hall:

Now, let’s go back to that front door and this time, take a left:

At the top of the steps, there is a long center hallway:

An immediate left finds you in the guest bathroom:

And an immediate left takes you into the first of the bedrooms:

This bedroom is connected to another at the front of the house by a set of sliding doors.  If you head to the opposite corner of that second bedroom, this is the view you get:

That door that is showcasing Reggie’s arse is the door we walked in.  We’ll head out the near door on the right and take an immediate right into another room, Stevie Wonder’s office:

If we go back out of this room and enter the door on the opposite wall of the hallway, we’ll enter the master bedroom through:

One set of closets…

Two sets of closets…


We also have a master bathroom that sits behind the closets, to the right of the above picture:

And that’s it.  That’s the last picture I have to show you!  There’s been a lot so I won’t put too many more words in here but I hope you enjoyed the tour!



13 May

Did you all watch last nights TWO episodes of Parks and Rec?  Snake juice!  (Sorry for the long, repeating video but it’s the only one I could find.)

Do you know that we close a week from Friday?  One week!  That’s all the time that is left.  And it’s further diminished by the fact that we need to go to work, we need to eat and our dog needs to be walked.

TANGENT ALERT:  We took Reggie for a walk yesterday and I was dying in the heat.  (So was Reggie.)  I thought I was really losing it since I couldn’t stand 80 degree heat.  I mean, we just lived in Virginia for a year…I should be able to tough it out through MN “heatwaves”, right?  But, alas, I was sweating in places I didn’t even know existed.  But I felt better when we got home because Stevie Wonder looked up the weather and it was actually 87 degrees outside.  With no breeze.  So it felt like 92.  Which makes me feel like less of a pansy.

I digress.

Anyway, we’ve been super busy and I’m sorry for neglecting you all.  Therefore, get ready for the wordiest, long-windiest super hero this side of the Mississippi – (TANGENT ALERT: I just realized that I am now on the other side of the Mississippi than most of you…seems like it’s so far away, doesn’t it?) – “MEGAPOST”!  (Women faint, men gasp, small children ask for autographs and villainous “Shorty McPosterson” flees in despair.

Ah, we’re having fun.  And, go.

Easter was fun.  I spent a total of 11 and a half hours at church between Palm Sunday and Easter.  And Steve even came with me to the Easter Vigil.  I always get teary eyed when I watch the baptisms.  Though I always enjoy when we head to Clintonville for Mr. Wonder’s family Easter celebrations, it’s awesome to be able to attend the Easter Vigil and see those happen.

We had Easter dinner at James and Al’s.  All the food was good.  I ate a beet and some ham and some cheesy potatoes.  I made a spectacular artichoke and spinach dip.  AND, I got to use me travel companion for my casserole dish.  I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures for this portion of the post.  I was going to take a picture of my casserole carrier, just to have one, but I decided to post that video instead.

TANGET ALERT: Steve and I have never used the casserole traveling case before.  We way over heated the heat pack and were thisclose to having sticky, gooey heat liquid all over our microwave.  That’s what she said.  Sorry grandmas.

The week after Easter my sister, Vicki, and her family came up for a visit.  I wish I had gotten more pictures but I didn’t want to carry my camera around the Mall of America all day.  And I think that was the correct choice.
We had a jolly good time.  We went to the University of Minnesota campus Friday during the day:

And then headed to IKEA for a bit of shopping.  Steve and I bought some rubber gloves:

But my favorite purchase was one my niece made: two of these hooks:

They make me want to sing “I like big butts and I cannot lie…”

They also make me want to get another dog.  Oh wait.  That’s any dog butt.

After IKEA, we had pizza and beer at our house with my sister, her fam, our dear cousin Claire, and Claire’s boyfriend Stu.  Steve went in the hot tub with the kiddos and I told a story about how I pooped in my pants one time.  When I was young.  **Cricket, cricket**

The next day we spent the WHOLE DAY at the Mall of America going on rides and shopping. We left for a brief dinnertime window to hit up one of Steve and my local dinner haunts: The Longfellow Diner. Good food.  I had the Cubano sandwich which was a little light on the mustard so I had to ask for more.  But otherwise good.

Sunday we just ate breakfast and lazed around for a bit before my sister and her family left.  I tried to make monkey bread.  EPIC FAIL.  I don’t know what I did wrong but none of the bread in the middle was cooked while everything on top got kind of burnt.  Does anyone know what it was that I did wrong?  Anyone?
Despite my monkey bread mishap,  it was a delightful weekend full of family fun.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Oh no.  We had visitors this past weekend too.  Steve’s aunt Julie and a foreign exchange student from her Rotary club and his aunt Nancy and her daughter Emily came for a visit.  Steve and I had already booked Saturday to price shop the home improvement stores for everything from a garage door to a shovel.  So we didn’t get to see them until Saturday night when we had dinner together and played Bananagrams and Apples to Apples.

TANGENT ALERT: A lot of games nowadays are named after fruits.  Obviously, there is a fruit game market and I am calling the rights to “The Grape Escape” and “Catch the Melon Felon” right now.  Also, I’m writing this during my lunch hour and I’m eating an apple that sat too close to the freezer portion of the mini-fridge.  I will tell you this: frozen apple that becomes unfrozen in a warm office = NOT GOOD!

Okay, okay.  Back on track.  Saturday we took all the family to see the new house.  Mark this as the third time our new neighbors have seen us bring hoards of people to the place to peer into windows and remark on the backyard.  Hopefully they get it but if they don’t, they’ll know in a week!

We also spent Mother’s day hanging out with my friends Amanda and Ryan.  They were in town for another friend’s wedding and we were blessed to have brunch with them at Perkins.  And Amanda is one of my Harry Potter friends (one of the people who loves HP as much as I do) and you can bet we talked about the awesomely upcoming movie.

And, of course, we started packing.

And we took Reggie to the dog park.  I love the dog park here.  It’s just spectacular.  Better than any I’ve been in before.  If you have a dog, or want a dog in the future, move to Minnesota where our dog parks are like windows to Heaven.  Oh yeah.  My heaven is full of dogs and trees.  You betcha.
Anyway, I was going to throw a little dog park video in here for you all but this is getting to be LONG so I will wait and put up another dog park post in the near future.  I also owe you the upstairs floor plan of our house.  It’s coming but please bear with me during the next week as we pack and plan and purchase and purge. Lots of “P” going on over here.

Heh, heh.