The First House Project

26 Apr

I thought it was about time for another blog post.

Unfortunately, I drank a can of Mountain Dew on Easter Sunday which subsequently kept me up all night.  So I’ve been tired the past two days.

What that has to do with blogging is this:  I have very little mental power to be witty and wonderful right now, so this post will be short on words.

I thought I’d share a floor plan of Boy Blue with you.  I used a website called to create this image.  It’s neat but kind of finicky and can be frustrating to use.  Case in point, it took me over an hour to create this floor plan for you all to see.  But on with it, Amanda, show us the image already.

I sure hope it’s not too small.  I was having trouble exporting the image and ended up just taking a screen shot of it so it is not as sizable as I’d like it to be. And, as you can see, it’s only the first floor because, frankly, I can’t spend any more time working on this project right now.  And, it gives me another post to write in the near future.

Anyway, as you can see the back of the house is pretty open.  There is a large doorway between the kitchen and the family room.  We really like that feature since those are the two places in which we will spend most of our time…and not even because the heaters on the rest of that floor don’t work. 🙂  Another thing I really enjoy is that you can see out the sliding doors to the backyard when you walk in the front door.  That isn’t a feature I even knew I wanted in a house until Steve and I rented “Away We Go” a few years ago and that was a feature in the house the lead characters eventually chose to live in.  My other favorite thing is the front porch, which is something I had at the top of my list of wants in a house.

Stevie Wonder’s favorite thing is the window surrounded dine in area, closely followed by all the wallpaper we have in the house (pictures to come soonish!).

And Reggie’s favorite part is, of course, the turkey on the counter.

Oh, and yes, that is a wet bar there in the middle.  Not something Mr. Wonder and I will use that often considering we can’t finish a 12 pack of beer before it goes bad.  But it’s there and, apparently, a selling point for some.  Who knew?

Go team!



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