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Happy New Year!

7 Jan

Happy New Year Everyone!  I’ve heard that 2010 was a less than stellar year for a lot of people so I hope that you are enjoying your 2011 much more than your 2010.

(After I wrote it, I realized this was a very text heavy post so I’ll start it off with a picture.  For anyone who didn’t get to see it, this was our Christmas card this year.  I stole the idea from but the dog is ours.)

I decided to share my new year’s resolutions here on the blog and then maybe update you all in a few months to see how I’ve been doing.  I read an article that said that if you share your new year’s resolutions with other people, you’re more likely to keep them.  Accountability and all that.  I asked Mr. Steve if he would like to share any and he said he forgot his.  I can’t blame him.  By the time I made this list, I had forgotten some of mine as well.  But I just made up new ones because, really, how would you all know?

So, here they are, my new year’s resolutions.  Only one week in and I’m already kicking ass!  (In no particular order.)

1.       2011 – the “year of the house”.  If all goes according to plan—though, let’s face  it, it never does—Stevie Wonder and I are going to buy a house this year.  While we’re doing well in the saving money department, we’re not quite there on the agreement department .  We’re still not sure what kind of house we need, or where we want it.  But we’ll get there.  We’ve resolved to, after all.

2.       31 books in 2011.  A good friend of mine (Hi Danielle!) did a similar thing in 2009 (I think) but her goal was a book a week.  She ended up reading 100 that year but I was thinking that 52 sounded a little ambitious.  So, I decided on 31.  Why 31?  20+11.  And re-reading all 7 Harry Potters will not count.  Unfortunately.  I’m already well on my way, with one book under my belt!

3.       A year of great gratitude.  Personally, I don’t find myself to be particularly unappreciative but it can’t hurt to remind myself of all that I have.  Therefore, I am starting a gratitude journal.  I would like to write down one thing each day for which I am especially thankful.  And I’m going to try to be specific and not repeat.  Rather than writing “Steve” I’ll write “Steve did the dishes without my asking him to” or “Steve picked up all of Reggie’s poops from the yard”.  What a guy, eh?

4.       Which brings me to number 4 which is act more Canadian.  (Wink, wink.)

5.       Work out at least 5 times a week.  Since Steve and I bought a treadmill, I figure we should use it.  So both of us have resolutions to use it more.  I have committed to 5 times a week which, at least for this first week, has gone very well.  I’m hoping that if I get into the habit, I can stay in the habit.

6.       Pare down.  I didn’t really know that Steve and I had a lot of stuff until his friend Otto walked in and said, “Wow.  You guys have a lot of stuff.”  How very direct, no?  And while I don’t feel like we need to get rid of everything we own, I know that at least some of what we have is excess.  So I want to get rid of that excess.  I started today by selling all the books that I have duplicates of—which is good, because Steve heard on that TV show “Hoarders” that keeping duplicates of things is a hoarding tendency.  Here’s to not being a hoarder.

7.       Make time to spend with friends twice a month.  We’ve learned that when you move you need to make a concerted effort to meet people and make friends.  So, we’ve decided that we’re going to make an effort to maintain the friendships that we have and build new friendships in the area.

8.       Save money to go on our “honeymoon”.  Yep.  We never went.  Steve quit his job instead.  But we’d like to go on a substantial vacation sometime in 2012 so this year is the year of saving money for it.

9.       Use the fourth stall.  At work.  Really, this is just an example of the bigger goal and that is to get out of my habits.

I’ve noticed that I tend to do all the same things every day (I eat the same lunch, park in the same spot, use the same bathroom stall) so I want to try and mix it up more this year.

10.   Learn how to use my camera well.  And I am well on my way, having found the user’s manual!

11.   Post to the blog once a week.  I like to post to the blog, even if I don’t do it too much.  It’s kind of like journaling, which I always wanted to do but never did, so even if I don’t do it all the time, I still like it.  And I know you all love when I blog. So your new year’s resolution can be to read my posts and give me lots of positive comments.  Yeah, I got you.

12.   Throw a party!  Gotta have a fun one and I love to entertain/have guests/throw parties so I figure this is a great resolution.  I’ve already offered to have Christmas if we have a house and I think we’ll try to have a party for our friends this summer.

As I said before, I’m already kicking ass on these resolutions!  And I intend to continue doing so, though I assume some will be a lot easier than others.  You gotta love the beginning of a new year.  You can make all these goals to be a better person.  And hopefully do them.  What a great time of year.


P.S.  Did you guys make any new year’s resolutions?  Did you tell anyone about them?