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She writes sheepishly

12 Dec

As we all expected, I fell behind on the blog.

But I still like you all.  And know that you all must know what is going on with us here in the Twin Cities and beyond.  So, rather than continuing to neglect you since I have already left you for so long, I decided that I am just going to go ahead and write another post and poo to anyone who doesn’t like to read about my three week old adventures.

I digress.

At the beginning of November, Mr. Steve’s mom and pop came up for a visit.  We went out for Mexican which was okay, but also kind of a bust.  See, more than one person and online article had told me that this place had the best Mexican in town.  It was even in an Hispanic district in St. Paul so one would imagine it would be good.  But, it failed to live up to my indescribably high expectations for something dubbed “the best” anything in town.  Needless to say, the hunt for good Mexican continues so any recommendations are welcome.  (However, they did serve this soup that tasted like Spaghettios and anyone who knows me knows I love me some Spaghettios.  So that was good.)

After our foray into the cultured part of town we spent some time at the Mall of America where Mr. Steve and his mom got free t-shirts.  They didn’t need the t-shirts.  They aren’t really that good looking either.  (The t-shirts, not Mr. Steve and his mom, who are both very good looking indeed.)  Nor do they fit.  Nor have they warn (yes, that is actually how you spell it – I was shocked too) them since.  But, like most people, when something is being given out free, you want it.  No matter what it is, you gotta have it.  Or, at least, Mr. Steve does.  I, personally, am less prone to people who give out free crap.  More prone to people who give out free samples of food.  Mmmm.  Free samples.

Anywho, we followed that trip with a trip to Sam’s club where we bought a cake.  We always buy cake when the Behnke’s are in town.  I’m not entirely sure why.  But I don’t really need a reason because cake is good.  Real good.  We had that cake with dinner with Mr. Steve’s parents and his uncles James and Al.  Delightful.

Sunday we went to the zoo.  It was nice but smaller than I expected.  Since I don’t have many pics from their visit, here are a few from the zoo:

The following weekend, Mr. Steve and I doggy sat for his uncles while they took my dream vacation to the Harry Potter theme park.  When they returned, they showed me all the sweet things they got while there and I have to say, it’s probably a good idea that I do not go to this theme park as I would clean out my bank account.  And Mr. Steve’s.  I mean, really, who can walk away with just one wand, one t-shirt, one butterbeer?  A girl can dream, though.  Unless of course, Southwest decides to offer a ticket for $59.  Then a girl might have to just go because, really, $59?  Come on.

The next weekend, I got to travel to Madison to visit with my dear friends Laura and Amanda.  It was lovely to see them, as well as run into a few other friends while in the area, but the most important part of that trip was seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part AWESOME!  After careful consideration, reflection, and rehashing with Laura and Amanda, I have decided that I like the movie.  I think it tried to do the book justice and, in almost all cases, succeeded.  Naturally, there were a few missteps, and a few incredibly awkward scenes, but overall I thought the movie was good.  And I LOVED what they did during the story of the Deathly Hallows.  Very cool.  After my visit, I had a long bus ride back to Minneapolis from which I went straight to Mr. Steve’s uncle’s house to have dinner with his grandma and her boyfriend Joe, who were in town, along with some friends of James’.  It’s always a lot of fun to visit with them and play cards and eat pie, which is brought whenever grandma visits.

All in all, Mr. Steve and I are keeping busy up here in the Twin Cities.  This weekend we were blessed to spend a quiet weekend at home.  Mostly because we got 17 inches of snow and it was 30 degrees below zero (okay, that might have been the wind chill, but still…).  It was enjoyable to just spend our time together.

Hopefully my next post won’t be so long in coming.  Thank you all for your PATIENCE (especially in this season of waiting)!  It is much appreciated.