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Sale, sale, sale!

26 Oct

(Image from

Mr. Steve and I are not opposed to buying things at a scratch and dent sale. On the contrary, I’d buy anything scratched or dented, if the price was right, provided the function remained.  But, what I don’t like is when somebody sells you something that is meant for a scratch and dent sale but makes you pay full price.

Such is the case with this purchase:

It’s pretty cute, isn’t it?  But alas, we paid full price for only part of a dog. What part is missing?  Good question.  It’s the top third of Reggie’s bottom right canine tooth.  The big pointy one.  It’s more nubbin shaped now.  And jagged.  And the vet said that there is nothing we can do about it.  Or that they can do about it.  Apparently you can’t cap a dogs tooth. They could pull it, but they opt not to if the tooth isn’t causing any pain. Which it’s not, at least not any visible pain.  But you know what they say about dogs hiding pain so I am not convinced.  Thus, Mr. Steve and I are currently giving Reggie every comfort we can.  Blankets, treats, letting him sleep in bed…  He’s very spoiled right now.

Oh, and I tried and tried and tried to take a picture of his tooth to show you but to take a picture of a dogs teeth you need:

2 hands to hold down the dog
1 hand to  pull open the mouth
1 hand to pull back the saggy jowls
and 1 hand to snap the picture

Needless to say, only four hands live in this house.  And only four paws. But they are less than helpful for such endeavors.



Back on the Bandwagon

25 Oct

In an attempt to improve my blogging stats, that is, do more posts, I’ve decided to move the Behnke blog to a wordpress format.  Why, you ask.  Well, wordpress gives me statistics that blogspot doesn’t, like how many people are reading my posts and how soon after I post them, etc.  I’m hoping that this will help me blog more as it is some sort of feedback even if you all don’t leave comments.  🙂

But leave comments.  They are the best.  They make me real happy.

And, since I was moving blogs, I thought I would switch up the site names since Behnke Beach, VA is really no longer appropriate.  That’s why, you can now find us here, at  I figure this way, even if we move again, we can keep the same address.  Also, I’ve created a joint e-mail account for Steve and I.  You’re welcome to use it but you don’t have to.  We both will keep our own e-mail addresses and will undoubtedly check them more regularly.  But, the new account is available at  It’s a great address, isn’t it?

Looking forward to more posts!